Friday, December 9, 2011

Want to Review a #Free #Ebook about #glutenfree Places to Eat?

Howdy fellow GF-ers,

I'm finishing writing an ebook with information about being GF and eating in US chain restaurants called "What To Eat When You Eat Out, Gluten Free."

I have researched 60 medium and large restaurant chains, plus some smaller joints.

For each restaurant chain, I have listed:

- Name
- Quick notes, esp whether a GF menu is available and where.
- A list of all the safe GF items on their menu you can eat
- Link to their GF information
- Link to their find-a-location page
- More extensive notes including my own experience and reports from the web.

At the front, I have 3 hyperlinked indices: Index of Good GF Restaurants, Index of All Restaurants, and Index of Local GF Restaurants by State.

If you'd like a free advance reading copy and (if you like it) will post a review of it on Amazon or your other favorite ebook retailer, either leave a comment in reply to this post or go to my web page and click the "EMAIL TK" button on the left.

For both, make sure to include:

1) the email address to send it to
2) preferred format (epub for Sony, Apple, or Nook; or mobi for Kindle, or something else.)

I'll send you a link when it's published. If you liked it, please review it!

I plan to give away 25 copies, so contact me soon if you'd like a free copy!

Thank you!
TK, the Celiac Maniac

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Rob Cornell said...

Hi, TK. I'd love to take a look at it. My wife and I have been experimenting with gluten free recipes at home. Would be great to find GF friendly places we can go out to eat at.

You can send it to robcornellwrites AT gmail DOT com. And I would like the Kindle version.