Friday, December 9, 2011

Want to Review a #Free #Ebook about #glutenfree Places to Eat?

Howdy fellow GF-ers,

I'm finishing writing an ebook with information about being GF and eating in US chain restaurants called "What To Eat When You Eat Out, Gluten Free."

I have researched 60 medium and large restaurant chains, plus some smaller joints.

For each restaurant chain, I have listed:

- Name
- Quick notes, esp whether a GF menu is available and where.
- A list of all the safe GF items on their menu you can eat
- Link to their GF information
- Link to their find-a-location page
- More extensive notes including my own experience and reports from the web.

At the front, I have 3 hyperlinked indices: Index of Good GF Restaurants, Index of All Restaurants, and Index of Local GF Restaurants by State.

If you'd like a free advance reading copy and (if you like it) will post a review of it on Amazon or your other favorite ebook retailer, either leave a comment in reply to this post or go to my web page and click the "EMAIL TK" button on the left.

For both, make sure to include:

1) the email address to send it to
2) preferred format (epub for Sony, Apple, or Nook; or mobi for Kindle, or something else.)

I'll send you a link when it's published. If you liked it, please review it!

I plan to give away 25 copies, so contact me soon if you'd like a free copy!

Thank you!
TK, the Celiac Maniac

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

TK Kenyon Reviews Wickedly Charming by Kristine Grayson at SF Signal -- 5/5 Sparkly Hearts!

I gave Wickedly Charming by Kristine Grayson (Kris Rusch) 5 Sparkly Hearts (out of 5) because it's a fun, fluffy, well-written paranormal romance novel. It's a light, fun read!

Review at SF Signal here. 

TK Kenyon