Friday, July 22, 2011

Your Main Character and Books

What kind of fiction does your main character read?

Do they not read fiction because "it isn't real"?

Do they read only horror novels with lots of slippery blood and torture of young women? Even if your MC is a young woman?

Do they read only bestsellers that the NYT picks out for them?

Do they not read fiction but have an extensive library in the living room so it looks like they do?

Only DWMs? Only living LBGT writers of color?

Only highbrow lit that Oprah thinks is too tough for her viewers?

Only sword and sorcery fantasy? Even if they're a brain surgeon? Or a Wiccan palm reader, to get ideas?

Only 99c ebooks, to spite the major publishers? Or because they're chinsy? Or because they like new writers? Or because they won't read a publisher that published Snookie?

Only $15.99 ebooks because those self-published writers can't be any good since they haven't jumped through the appropriate hoops and paid their dues?

1 comment:

Z. D. Robinson said...

I've never thought of this before. I always assume my characters are too busy saving the world to read. ;)