Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Chronology of Your Fiction: What Day Is It? It matters.

 In your WIP, consider what day of the week it is and what day of the year it is. Is there an upcoming holiday that may throw a kink into your character's plans?

What if it's Memorial Day or Turkey Day weekend coming up, and they need to book a flight?

Or Tax Day is 3 days away and they haven't filed yet, in addition to the plot?

Or if New Year's Eve is in 1 day and there are going to be police roadblocks all over, looking for DUIs but also running plates?

Or Mother's Day, and they need to make that phone call or are hoping for that phone call from a disappeared child?

Or Diwali (early November-ish), and they're in India, where the street crowds set off fireworks and your character has 'Nam/Riyadh flashbacks? 

Or Christamas, and no one wants them, or two sets of divorced/remarried parents want them and there's a blowup every year, no matter where they go? 

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